key-lime-stuffed-strawberriesPrep time:  20 mins
Total time:  20 mins
•    1 (8 ounce) package of reduced fat cream cheese
•    ¾ cup powdered sugar
•    1 tablespoon lime juice*
•    zest from one lime
•    1 pound strawberries
In a mixing bowl combine the cream cheese, powdered sugar, lime juice and lime zest. Place the mixture in the fridge to chill.
1.    Carefully cut the tips and the stems from the strawberries. Use a small spoon or metal measuring spoon and hollow out the inside of the berries. Be careful not to cut into the edges.
2.    Spoon or pipe the filling into the berries.
3.    Keep cool.
4.    Tips: I used a metal teaspoon to hollow out the large berries and a metal ½ teaspoon to hollow out the small berries.
5.    You can place the prepared berries in the freezer for a few minutes to help the filling set so if they tip over it doesn’t ruin the appearance
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