I will say this, if you like edge of your seat, head smashing football at its finest, the CCHS JV game was every bit of that. Last Monday night they played host to the JV Poca Dots. The JV Dots were fast and big but the JV Panthers were full of fight and ready to play. It was a tough first half for the JV Panthers, but they held the JV Dots to just 12 points in the first half. The Panther offense couldn’t seem to get past the brick wall that the Dots mortared up.

The second half was more of the same, but JV Panther defense let their guard down again, and the Dots scored one more time. The game looked like it was in the history books when history was rewritten in the fourth quarter. I’m not sure if somebody told them that they would not be getting a leg of turkey at Thanksgiving or that there would be no action figures under the tree at Christmas, but something happened. The fourth quarter showed a different team – the defense stopped the run, the pass and anything else the Dots tried. The offense went to work and scored three touchdowns on their way to a win.

By the time the mouths closed after disbelief, the game was over and the JV Panthers were the winners. No team wants to be beat on their home turf, and the JV Panthers proved that guts, determination and playing to last minute without giving up is the key to winning. Great game JV Panthers!

The CCHS Panthers hosted Shady Spring Friday night and had a tough time moving the ball and stopping the run of Shady. When the smoke cleared, it was Clay- 6, Shady Spring- 31. The Panthers will be back in action this Friday night against Calhoun County and will finish the season at home against Webster County.