When the prophets declared that He was coming, the people of Israel were hungrily anticipating His arrival.  When He came, He came blessing and sharing the good news.  But it was politically incorrect and rejected by the religious hierarchy.  They were more interested in control and greed.  But it did not stop Jesus, so they crucified Him.
You would think the lessons learned from long ago would have a positive impact on today’s society.  You would think so.  But humanity hasn’t changed.  The cry still goes out, crucify Him.  His words and His name across this nation is being scorned and banned.  The Bible, the Word of God is being systematically banned from the classroom, the media and the hearts and minds of our children.  Anything to do with God is politically incorrect.  Strike down the 10 commandments, exclude the Bible, and don’t mention the name.  Our courts are handing down decisions that support and demand what I am saying.
Fortunately, Clay County, West Virginia is slower to feel the impact than the majority of the country.  Generally by the time we learn of these attacks upon our society, they have already become law.
The residents in a nursing home in California were forbidden to pray over their food.  Some western states required middle school students to read the Koran for 3 weeks, pray to Allah and were forbidden to say the name of Jesus or God.  A soldier in the United States military can be court marshaled for sharing the love of Christ.  Our courts have ceased to defend holy matrimony as a marriage between one man and one woman.  Our President says we are no longer a Christian nation.  Recent polls say the Bible is no longer relevant.  Where do you stand?  Our heritage, our foundation as a nation is 100% Christian.  It is slipping away from us.  No longer is the truth of our development as a nation taught in schools.  Please pray with me that these attacks on our nation, our families and our children never reach Clay County.  Don’t forget what America stands for.  Much blood was shed; many were the extreme sacrifices made and much grief was required to make this a great nation.  Honor her.  Stand upon the principles that made her great.  God bless America.