The most famous and perhaps the most well name in all the world is the name of Jesus. To some it is a casual name used in cursing. To some it is the name of some historical figure of long ago. Still, to others it is a name closely associated with some religion. Some say He may have been a prophet or perhaps a good teacher. Who do you say Jesus is?

Jesus is the Son of the one who created the heavens and the earth. Jesus is the one and only one that could overcome sin. Jesus is the one and only one that could defeat the devil (satan, Lucifer).

Jesus came to this earth from Heaven to honor the Word of God and to honor the covenant He had with His Father. He was sent by God the Father as a lamb, as a sacrifice to restore mankind to a relationship with His Father that had been broken in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus gave (they didn’t take it from Him) His life on the cross at Calvary. He was the only sacrifice that could atone for man’s sin. He bore my sin, your sin and everyone else’s sin. He gave His life that you could live. He gave you the choice. You could accept Him and be born again (not fleshly but of the spirit) or you can reject Him and spend eternity in hell: Your choice. That’s love. Love of God and love of His Son Jesus Christ.

Long before you were carried in your mother’s womb, the decision was already made. God wanted a family and He wanted you to be part of it. His child. He didn’t want a clone. He had enough angels. He wanted those who wanted Him.

In case you didn’t know it, Jesus not only died for you, three days after His death He arose from the tomb and walked among men. After having been seen of many over a period of many days, He ascended back to Heaven. The disciples saw Him go and He told them that at the time appointed of the Father He would return in like manner and receive His own. Those who believed He was the Christ and received Him as their Savior would be caught up with Him and be taken to Heaven. It’s called the rapture.

No one knows the day nor the hour of His coming, but He said there would be signs (read Matt. 24) and those signs are all around us. He told us to be ready for in such an hour as we thought not, He would come. It could be today. Are you ready?