I sense down in my spirit – God is in control

His mercy knows no limits

His grace will ever flow

He knows my every weakness

I know his boundless strength

So I’ll press on to do his will

Until my life is spent


He gave to me the mind of Christ

A new creature I became

And when I call to heaven

I call in Jesus name

The father is ever listening

The holy ghost stands by

Disease and sickness has to go

When Jesus’ name’s applied


I’m learning not to limit Him

I’m learning to just believe

If I in faith call on Him

Through his name I’ll receive

The father gave all power to him

And it comes through the church

We are his body to do his will

While we are on this earth


So listen to me my brother

From God there comes a call

He’s anointed you for His purpose

So let the glory fall

The glory is His presence

Your strength will come from Him

Remember His power saved your soul

And took away your sin


Now if He took your sin away

And gave you eternal life

Don’t you know He can do all things

He can take you to new heights


Just trust Him and believe Him

Let your faith grow strong

He’s lord of lords and king of kings

It’s in Him you belong


Now there is not a sickness

Nor is there any disease

That can stand against the stripes

That Jesus bore for thee


Sin is forever banished

There’ll be no sin up there

So if those things are attacking you

Just call to God in prayer


Thank Him for His promise

He’s the healer don’t you know

Give glory to god – believe His word

That sickness has to go


It’s all about the glory

The glory to God on high

It’s the devil that says you can’t be free

But that’s the devil’s lie


Jesus healed all that were sick

He came to do the father’s will

God don’t change He’s still the same

His word He will fulfill


Temptations, sin and sickness

Disease and doubt and fear

Are part of the devil’s arsenal

To keep you bound down here


But Jesus is the savior

He came to set you free

You must believe and stand in faith

It is the Lord’s decree


Don’t put it off till tomorrow

Today stand up and fight

Confess the word, in faith believe

That is the father’s delight


He’ll neither leave thee nor forsake thee

He’ll help you overcome

For greater is He that is in you

God has called you His son


His love for you is perfect love

He said have faith, believe

He has promised, it’s in His word

He’ll meet your every need


There is no sickness, no disease

No sin, no doubt no fear

When the holy ghost comes on the scene

Let me make that clear


All power is given to the son

And the devil is defeated

So take you place by Jesus side

Be the new creature God created.


He gave you power at Pentecost

So arise and take dominion

Put the devil and demons  under foot

You’ve been translated into God’s kingdom


But before you take another step

Just stop and give God glory

Remember Jesus died for you

To make you righteous, pure, and holy