By Quindora Dobbins

A mother prayed for her son for years and the prayers seemed to be in vain. The son seemed to get worse by the day being arrested several times. Once for murder then released because of a minor technically, twice for suspicion of murder, also for theft, burglary, arson, drug trafficking and the list continues but somehow he always managed to get himself released.

His mother went to bed one night and fell asleep praying for him to change his ways and for angels of mercy to camp all around him. She dreamed that her son was on a path that was smooth and broad yet at the end of the path there  stood a great iron gate that opened of it’s own accord as to welcome him as he drew near it. He was so happy and saw the beauty beyond the gate but through the Holy Spirit the mother saw the truth. She saw a molten lake of fire. She ran before him and forcing the gate to close and holding it thereby she stood in the gap for him. The bars were very hot and her hands ached with pain. She became weak falling to her knees while still holding closed the doors and pleading to God to rescue her son. Angels came and escorted him back to the right path.

The mother woke up thinking, dear God in heaven what an emotional dream. Then her hands filled with pain capturing her attention. As she looked down they were badly burned. She had the print of a iron bar burned in each hand. Just at that moment her phone rang and it was her son he wanted to know if she was going to Sunday School because he had such an emotional dream the night before that he knew he had to change his life or forever hell would be his home.

I Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.