By Quindora Dobbins

A friend of mine dreamed there were many paths before her and she could not decide which she should choose. She began walking on one for a while then would cross over and walk on another one. She done this for quite a while.

Almost everyone she met had advice as to which path was best suited for her but somehow none of them felt right.

Far off in the distance she saw a very narrow and straight path once on it she was filled with an awesome peace in her soul. Very few were traveling on it because it was difficult to stay on and one had to keep a conscious effort to maintain their footing.

While walking on this path she met a very old man who had been traveling this path for 86 years. He said the way had gotten sweeter everyday. He looked forward to getting home. Farther on the path she met an elderly lady who had spent her life time helping others find her beloved path. Then she met a young man wheel chair he had lost his legs in the war. She met a young lady who was blind and she gave away roses to everyone she met.

She met people from all races traveling this beloved path. The path became what ever color you like most, odors was that of your choice, and the mile markers were that of individual choice of stone. The prize at he end of the race was eternal life with a man named Jesus and his Dad and his name was God.

When she woke up it was a wonderful memory and she realized her dream was reality and one day she would go to heaven and be with them (Jesus and God).