By Quindora Dobbins

A man was plowing with a mule when suddenly the sky turned black, thunder sounded; lightening frequently flashed and then one flash struck a tree near by making a loud sound.

The man could not obey. He then broke free from the man’s grip on the plow handles and the rein’s dragging the plow all the way to the barn.

When the man got to the barn he was so angry he didn’t notice the mule cowardly action in the stall out of fear of the thunder. He grabbed a trace chain on the way in and began beating the animal. After a thrashing and the blood running from each gash he hung the chain back on the nail. As he walked into the barn yard in the rain he yelled God gave dominion over you and you will mind me or I’ll beat you to death.. Just as those words passed through his lips a bolt of lightning hit him and lifted him out of his barn boots.

He lay in the mud unconscious for quite a sometime. During this time God took him back to the beginning of time and creation when he first gave man dominion over the animals meaning, sovereign ruler. Which also means efficacious=producing the desired effect. This effect is accomplished through and by love of which you showed the mule none therefore you must reap what you have sowed beginning now. The doorway where the man was standing disappeared and he began to plummet toward earth at a rate of previously unknown to him. He was become so fearful that his breathing was more like panting. Finally just before impact he became so fearful he lost consciousness unable to bare it any longer.

As the man awoke he heard God’s whisper “fear is not of my spirit. I took my hand away from you for a few minutes and look what happened”. The man was in his barn sitting in the mule’s stall leaned against the plow. The mule had lay down beside him and rested his head in the mans lap to comfort him.

At that very moment the man burst into tears and begged for the mule’s and God’s forgiveness. The mule licked his hand. God parted the dark clouds and sent a bright ribbon of sunlight to shine on them both. The man doctored the mules’ wounds then treated him as his best friend all the days of his life. Afterwards when plowing and clouds began to gather he would unharness the mule and set him free to go to the barn before the thunder began.

Proverbs 12:10

A righteous man reguardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.