Students  enjoy Native American presentation
Students enjoy Native American presentation
Indian bride acceps flute from Mr. Hamrick
Indian bride acceps flute from Mr. Hamrick

Written by BOES  5th Grader Zoe Davis
On October 28, 2013 every single student was more than excited for Allen Hamrick’s Native American presentation through actual historical accounts and storytelling. For the past month the fourth and fifth grade students have been studying Early American History.
The Big Otter Braves gathered in a circle around Mr. Hamrick. He started out with a group activity involving four “Native American” chiefs and the others as tribe members. Next he played an Indian flute while his brother played an Indian drum. The music they formed together was so beautiful!
The next activity was an exciting play involving “The Wedding” ceremony. Gracie Truman played the young bride who refused the hand of all gentlemen callers, Then Mr. Hamrick approached “Gracie” now, years older, played by Mrs. Chapman. She accepted his hand in marrige and he picked her up and whirled her around and around. This was so funny!  He continually called on students to come up front to participate in the activities involving musical instruments, tools, beaded jewelry, skins and various animal hides made by Mr. Hamrick himself.
Mr. Hamrick ended the morning by raffling off two hand-made flutes and two beautifully beaded scarves. Drew Ferrebee, Tyler Lough, Amber Truman, and Sawyer Taylor were the lucky winners of these treasures. There was only one girl who won a raffle, so Mr. Hamrick is coming back in November strictly for the girls. I can’t wait for his return visit! This lesson in history is one The Big Otter Braves will never forget! We send sincere THANKS to Allen and his brother, Ronnie Hamrick for their time and enthusiasm into a morning well spent.