Because the Clay County Library was closed during a temporary power outage, the Clay County Landmarks Commission and Historical Society held its September 4, 2013 meeting in the home of President Jerry Stover. Present were Eloise Boggs, Karen Burdette, Tom Samples, Vicky Samples, Danny Dawson, Betty Robinson, Hazel Stover, Jim Miller and Jerry Stover.
Jerry called the meeting to order. There were no minutes to be read since the August meeting consisted of our annual picnic in the lower level of the Clay County Library. That time was given to enjoying a. spread of good eats, furnished by a local supermarket and members who brought a covered dish. It was a time of sharing interesting stories and informal chit-chat ordinarily missing in our regular meetings for lack of time. Those who attended the picnic were Jim Miller, Donna J. Bell, Kent and Frances Boggs, Marlene Potasnik, Sandra Claybrook, Jerry Stover, Jane Bird, Dusty Bird, Elizabeth Samples, Hazel Stover, Betty Robinson and Eloise Boggs and library staff members who dropped in for a snack.
Jim Miller gave the treasurer’s report. As regarding the recent audit, Jim stated that all components of county commissions in West Virginia are being audited, with a “hefty”
price tag for the audit.
1. Amanda Moore is working on obtaining grant money for converting some 2,000 slides and documents to accessible files. Amanda was unable to attend the meeting because of the power outage.
2. Report to Preservation Alliance of West Virginia: a progress report is required periodically and Jerry read the report that Amanda had prepared, citing studies made of the Old Courthouse, cupola repairs and future needs, such as complete rewiring and other improvements needed, from the basement and up.
3. Photo-Op-3 is planned for Friday during the Apple Festival. Danny Dawson explained a computer program he has written for photos recorded at these events. Terri Allen has requested older photos taken at past festivals which the newspapers may have in their archives. At the Photo-Op activities in the Lion’s Building, the Historical Society plans to display pictures of Widen/Dundon/Swandale and memorabilia related to these areas and to J. G. Bradley. Also, people are asked to bring in old photos – family pictures, unidentified pictures, pictures of Clay County scenery – to be scanned into the collection begun in Photo-Ops 1 and 2.
4. Suggestion for an article on the history of Clay County High School has been made. The article written by Herbert King which was printed in Now & Then a few years ago was suggested. (On some research, we found that Mack Thomas’ history of the high school written in 1937 was printed in Now & Then, Vol. 10, No 1.) We welcome any information to update the history to the present – every little tid-bit will be appreciated, as a collection of isolated facts can be put together to make a complete story.
5. A suggestion was made that we be on the look-out for old books of historical interest which sometimes can found in book sales, even yard sales and estate sales.
6. Library Hours: Tom and Vicky Samples are volunteering time to open our library at the Old Courthouse at least one day a week, Thursday, 10AM to 3 PM. There may be other days, to be announced later. Karen will put a notice in the local newspapers.
1. Cemeteries: Karen reported that she has found 20 additional cemeteries, through reviewing old obituaries and death records.
2. Now & Then: Eloise reported that the fall issue of the newsletter is being compiled and will be sent to the printer around October 1. Stories, family histories, photos, questions and letters are always welcome – in fact, necessary for a newsletter.
3. Reprinting of History of Clay County, 1989 and Vol. 2: Jim has obtained prices from the publisher for the books which will have a cover and spine like the originals, for a price slightly higher than that for printing Vol. 1 a few years ago. A motion was made and approved that Jim proceed with this reprinting project, at the price given by the publisher for 25 copies of each and with the cover like the originals.
Adjournment at 3:30 PM..
The next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 1 PM at the Clay County Library.