Our regular monthly meeting was held June 4, 2014 in the Clay County Library. Present were Jerry Stover, Sandra Claybrook, Jim Miller and Eloise Boggs. We may be few in number but enthusiasm is high and “things” are moving!

President Jerry Stover called the meeting to order and minutes of the May meeting were approved as was the treasurer’s report.

Eloise gave a review of a letter received from Neil Boggs in which he describes letting go of his “treasures” and entrusting them to the Historical Society. We have received books from Neil from time to time, but this time he sent photos and memorabilia of the Dundon shopyard, of locomotives in Dundon and other pictures of Dundon and Swandale, all 8X10s. (Neil grew up in Dundon.) Another treasure is the booklet describing the last steam locomotive run on the BC&G railroad in 1965 (including many photos of the occasion). There are also other articles written to describe the BC&G and similar railroads. This material will be cataloged and will eventually be available for viewing in our library.

Neil also sent the two-volume set of Kanawha County Images – A Bicentennial History – 1788-1988 by Stan Cohen and Richard Andre. He suggested that we might want to sell the set which now is worth quite a lot of money. No such motion was made.

We discussed at some length the design of a rubber stamp to identify our books and other material and items, with lines to identify the donor, the date and other pertinent comments. A motion was made, seconded and approved that Jim be given permission to purchase such a stamp, with the design suggested. A motion was also made, seconded and approved to allow Jim to purchase two storage racks for the Old Courthouse.

Karen Burdette sent a report of two additional cemeteries found: (1) a Fitzwater infant, stillborn), grandchild of Job Young and buried on the Job Young property at Little Sycamore; (2) the grave of Dr. Jamie’s father, on the farm owned by Dr. Jamie.

Hooray! It looks as though we are at last getting somewhere with Garnie Testa’s book on the history of education in Clay County. John Coulter has typed the teacher biographies and Sandra has collected the other sections of the rough copy and will begin typing those portions, including the penciled-in corrections. Some discussion followed about whether to invite other teachers to add their stories, but it was decided that we should keep it as is, strictly Garnie’s.

We have available for $5.00 a Table of Contents for Now & Then, Vols 1 thru 20 (1990-2010). This is not an index, but a listing of topics.

Adjournment. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 1PM, Clay County Library.


OVERHEARD: “Driving up Rt 4 from Clendenin today reminds me that bumps and potholes are like God’s mercies: new ones every morning!”

Eloise Boggs