The Clay County Landmarks Commission and Historical Society held its April meeting in the

Clay County Library, April 9, 2014. Present were Jerry Stover, Sandra Claybrook, Eloise Boggs

and Betty M. Robinson.

President Jerry Stover called the meeting to order and read the minutes of the March, 2014

meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Jerry also read the treasurer’s report which had

been prepared by our treasurer, Jim Miller.


1. The Mt. Ovis Church (Primitive Baptist): We are still interested in getting this structure put

on the national register. We thank Linda Love Scott for giving us permission to copy records

from the church. The ledger pages are very fragile so the use of a hand-held scanner is advised

for this task.

2. Jerry had a copy of a book – Lily’s Fork Cemetery – prepared by Dora Adkins Chapman in

1995. The book lists names of people buried there, relationships, many obituaries and other

information. The cover features a photo of a 1923 cemetery gathering and the inside back cover,

a photo of members of the RamseylLucas family. Jerry gave Eloise a copy of an article

describing a visit to this cemetery, written by V. Kaye Hibbs in 1995. The article will be printed

in the summer edition of Now & Then.

3. How do we care for and file special collections of family histories given to us by families or

individuals? For example, we have received a large collection of material on the Samples and

Hart and related families, prepared by Aulene Hart Samples (1937-2009), given to us by her

husband; Fleary: Patrick “Sam” Samples, Ed. D. Aulene was a dedicated, thorough and

meticulous genealogist who compiled a number of books and had many folders of well organized

genealogical information. This will be a valuable and treasured addition to our library. It was

suggested that we leave such collections intact, with proper labeling as to content and source, and

that we dedicate a complete filing cabinet (or two) and a section of library shelves to Aulene’ s

work. (For your information, both Aulene and Sam grew up on Porters Creek and the ancestry of

each includes many of the first settlers of that area – Samples, Hart, Mullins, King, and others.)


There was no report on cemeteries, since Karen was not present.

Eloise reported that the spring issue of Now & Then had been sent to the printer and that work

was proceeding on the summer issue.

Elkhurst Suspension Bridge: Sonja Mullins, who is very much interested in saving the bridge, is

still collecting information and related documents.


More “Thank you” credits: to Maxel D. and Mary Hughes for information and pictures (Widen

and Swandale); to someone who donated a picture of the old Hardman & Hardman Funeral .,

Home building; to Hiram Lewis IV, who is researching his famly history, for a copy of “A Civil

War Soldier’s Story,” from the diary of Hiram Lewis I, member of the 7th WV Cavalry.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 1 PM, Clay County Library.

Eloise Boggs