The Clay County Landmarks Commission and Historical Society met in the Clay County Library, October 9, 2013. Present were Jerry Stover, Kent and Frances Boggs, Jim Miller, Donna Bell, Betty Robinson, and Eloise Boggs.
Jerry called the meeting to order. The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.
President’s Report
Thanks to a number of people for their help and contributions: Wanda Coulter; Sue Clement (Holcomb Family); David Pierson; Donators of the Walker Family Bible; J. K. Scott; All others who have donated pictures and other items, to the donator of the 1946-47 CCMS Yearbook, and to Rite Aid for preserving parking spaces for Society members during the Apple Festival. We extend our apology to the organizing committee of the Apple Festival for not being able to participate as we had planned this year.
The reprinting of the history books project is still in the process. There will be more later.
The Now & Then fall issue is now at the printer’s. Eloise volunteered (with the help of Kent and Frances) to get them ready for mailing, and Jim and Betty will see to the mailing.
The Library in the Old Court House is now open each Thursday, 10 to 3, as announced each week in the Clay County Free Press.
Jerry brought up the issue of a need to simplify the process for registering a cemetery. Donna will inquire of officials in the Preservation Office about the application form and the possibility of making it easier for common folks to apply for registry of their cemeteries.
Old Business
We were reminded that our meetings are suspended during the winter months, with the option of calling a meeting if necessary.
It was moved, seconded and approved that because of personal obligations and possible schedule conflicts of members, the November, 2013 meeting be canceled. The option is open for a called meeting. The next meeting will be March 5, 2014
Eloise Boggs, Recorder pro tem