By Lee Roy Anderson

On the sea of life, we often encounter storms.

The storms seem to test every ounce of our faith and endurance — the loss of someone dear to us, wayward children, marital worries, physical illness, financial disaster, or uncertainty of the future are just a few of the storms that may test us. But how do we get through them? First allow someone who is more experience to take charge of your ship.

Jesus Christ stilled the storm at a time his disciples thought they were going to perish. Mark. 4:39. As the Apostle Paul journeyed to Rome and the sea was raging, so we read in Acts 27:20. Paul said I want to tell you something. An angel of the Lord stood by me last night and he assured me that we are going to be okay. God sent the angels to get Peter out of prison. Jesus stilled the storm at a time his disciples thought they were going to perish. Mark 4:39. They were experienced fishermen but the situation was beyond their control. Jesus spoke those words, Peace be still, and all was calm.

Of course this is what we would like to have happen in our lives. We like immediate solutions, but God does not always answer us immediately. On a separate occasion, Jesus remained on shore as his disciples went across the sea. Toward evening they encountered strong winds, and the Bible says, that from shore Jesus watched them as they struggled against the waves but did not help them until later. I can almost hear Jesus say, Head into the storm and keep rowing. Why didn’t he help them immediately? He certainly had not forgotten them for he had his eye on them all the while. See Mark 6:47-48. I think the reason was the help them grow stronger in their faith. Later, Jesus came to them and the storm was over.

Are there times in your life when you feel that you cannot go on and your ship is about to sink? Don’t run away from the storm or throw up your hands and let your ship drift. God is watching and will not let you sink. Just grip the oars, head into the storm and keep rowing. Help is on the way. By God’s grace  you will survive. Jesus’ eyes is on you all the while.