Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2014

Heart breaking loss for the Panthers.

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Storm Carver takes a moment after the loss.

Storm Carver takes a moment after the loss.

What can be said about the Panther basketball team this week? What about the effort put into the games that the Panthers played? Unfortunately, they had a tough week, and it definitely doesn’t reflect the heart that the Panther team plays with. The game I am writing about is the game against the always tough Roane County team. The boys came out with fire in their eyes and were determined not to take another hit on the chin. The game was a game that could have been labeled as a state championship bid. It was back and forth with neither team giving up much real estate. The game was counted by seconds – fast paced. Plenty of good offense and defense were offered up by both teams, and the finish could have gone either way; it was just that close.

Storm Carver was once again dropping the buckets with 21 points. Jared Woodyard was right behind with 20 points. The point is that neither team had an advantage over the other. They were as closely matched as any teams could be. The game literally came down to the last second with the Panthers having the last opportunity to tie the game at 70. With 1.1 seconds on the board, the shot to tie the game was attempted, and as the clock ran out, the ball seemed to hang in the air as everyone watched the ball fall just short of its mark. It was a disappointing loss for the Panthers, and all the emotions were drained out afterward. It was a great game and our boys have no reason to hang their heads.