Everybody has their share of situations, problems, difficulties and woes.

None of us are exempt from challenges. Some are great and impossible if no help comes and others are minimal but nonetheless bumps in the road.

Why and to whom do I cay HALLELUJAH?  I say it to one and all. If you are genuinely a Christian you know that God loves you and through His Son Jesus Christ and by His Word He has made provision for you to live a victorious life. That doesn’t mean that you always have safe sailing and that the sky is always blue. No, in fact the Word of God declares that you will be persecuted for the Word’s sake. It happened to Jesus and we are no better than He. To the child of God, God has made a covenant through Jesus Christ for you to live by. There are in the neighborhood of 3,000 promises in the Bible for you to draw from. These promises do not come to pass automatically but they do come to pass through faith in God, His Word, and His Son Jesus. Faith is more than a verbal declaration although it does demand such. Faith must be acted upon and declared without wavering.  It is available to every Christian.

Why do I say HALLELUJAH to those who are not Christians?

God’s love is so great that anyone who calls on Jesus for salvation, even though they are a sinner and not worthy (none of us were worthy) to receive Jesus as their Savior, will be received by Him and cleansed of their sins. HALLELUJAH!

When we receive Jesus as our Savior, be are born again and the Word of God tells us that we become new creatures. We become sons of God. It is not an outer change but one from the inside out. As the Spirit of God is given free course in our lives, our spirit man begins to arise giving glory to God. God’s Word begins to take on new and fresh meaning and as it is quickened in our spirit, we are changed. Again I say HALLELUJAH! The world around you may not improve but you are changed. You still have challenges but you can call upon almighty God for help and be assured that God will never leave you nor forsake you. The devil has been defeated by Jesus at Calvary and if you are a child of God he has no authority over you. He will still try to manipulate, challenge, intimidate you but you now have the Word of God and God will cause that Word to come to pass if you truly believe and consistently walk by faith. The devil, Satan, will try to overcome you with fear but he has no power nor authority over you. He loses and you win to the glory of God.

Rejoice child of God for Jesus is soon coming and all the woes and all the problems and bumps in the road you now contend with will soon be nothing but history. History that you overcame them through Jesus Christ and the Word of God by faith.