Audrey's PictureBorn on September 21, 2009, Audrey Louise Burnett is the only child of Ben and Emily Burnett. Mr. Burnett is the fourth grade teacher at H.E. White Elementary School. This past July, her daddy and mommy began noticing unusual behavior from Audrey. She would wake up from naps, screaming of terrible headaches and displaying balancing issues. She was admitted to CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital on August 7, 2013. From there, we learned that our daughter had a mass in her brain the size of a golf ball. We later discovered that it was cancer. Audrey underwent surgery the next day to remove the cancerous tumor. After another MRI revealed small amounts of the tumor still remained, she had surgery again the next day. In September, Audrey began radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. After ten treatments, to God be the glory, she was diagnosed to be cancer free. Complications have arisen since then, and she has spent over six months in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, at Columbus, Ohio. Our courageous Audrey came home for a short period of time but has since had further complications and is currently back in Columbus, Ohio. We want to thank everyone for their love and support during these difficult times. We know that God is able to cure our daughter and with your continued spiritual support, we truly believe that he will do just that and bring her home again. May God truly bless all of you! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Benjamen and Emily Burnett.

On Saturday night, April the 12th, at 6:00, there will be a gospel sing and a baked goods auction at the Clay County High School Auditorium. The purpose of this event is to show our love and financial support for Audrey.

The Tanner Boys will be singing and real estate agent, Jeanie Davis will be our auctioneer. She will be auctioning off approximately 20 specialty desserts that have been prepared by precious ladies from our local churches. Donation baskets will be present for any church or individual who wants to donate to this worthy cause. Anyone choosing to write a check, can make it out to Benjamen Burnett. Please come and show your support for this courageous child and her family by giving until it feels good!

All proceeds from this event will go directly to Ben Burnett and his family. Anyone needing to know more concerning this fund raiser can feel free to call Randy White at 304-548-7451.