By Lee Roy Anderson

Through wisdom is a house built and by understanding it is established. By knowledge shall the chambers be filled with the precious and pleasant riches? Proverbs 24:3-4. It would be wonderful if all of our actions brought honor to our families. Unfortunately that’s an unrealistic hope. No one is perfect. We have to accept each other’s flaws and all. We should try to do everything we can to make our families proud of us. It is a joy to enter a place where there was so much love and affection. They spoke to one another with respect and they showed kindness beyond belief.

They showed kindness, respect to the elderly sick and poor. They were treated with love and care. A lot of people wished they could live in a home like that. Families should be havens of love and support. We should learn what love is all about from our families. We should also learn what it means to truly love others whether they deserve it all the time or not. Unconditional love means love that doesn’t ask anything in return. A house that is built upon love, kindness, will show respect for their elderly and the sick.

Understanding is a fortress against all the evil in the world. A good home is a blessing beyond words. Establish a home in true love, kindness, and respect for others and its benefits will last forever. Yes, some people live to stir up trouble. They cause so much pain and anxiety that they are despised. If we will be steadfast and endure the burden of such people God above will see it and he will reward us. We can provide our families with many things but, we have nothing greater to give than our love. God will bless us with love, peace, and joy.