The Clay County Golden Delicious Festival is seeking help with many facets of the 44th annual event. The board of directors would like to invite local business owners to provide contract proposals for the following areas: janitorial, photography and graphic T-shirt printing. Proposals must be received by May 31by U.S.P.S. Mail to C.C.G.D.F., P.O. Box 416, Clay, WV  25043. It should be noted that the festival runs events approximately 30-35 hours over the three-day weekend, Sept 14-16.

Festival Janitorial includes event area clean-up September 14,15 and 16. Bug spray, trash bags, gloves, trash cans, and a dumpster will be provided by the festival. Festival event areas must be cleaned throughout the day including evening and after closing each night and the individual/team must be available September 14-16 and provide spot-checks throughout each evening.

The contractor must have a valid driver’s license and provide their own vehicle (equipment and insurance) to collect, lift and haul trash bags to the dumpster/s, must clean all six portable public restrooms daily; must pick-up and haul all public trash from the festival grounds and trash cans.  Graphic T-Shirt printing of festival t-shirts (50poly/50 cotton) to include 11 dozen shirts with a two-color design provided by the festival and printed on both front and back sides. The proposal should show the price per shirt size if using white shirts and price per shirt if using colored shirts with a total invoice price for 11 dozen shirts (children’s to 3XL). The festival reserves the right to order more or less shirts at the time of the actual order.

Festival Photographer Digitally photograph multiple festival activities on all event dates and provide photos on a zip drive for festival promotional purposes. All photos become the property of the festival. The photographs provided to the festival will include a letter from the photographer stating “permission is hereby granted to the Clay County Golden Delicious Festival, Inc. to use the enclosed photographs for the promotional purposes of the festival. The festival is considered the owner of all the enclosed photographs and is not required to provide recognition or any financial reward to the photographer for the future use of the enclosed photographs.”

The Clay County Golden Delicious Festival views each proposal as a potential service contract provided by a licensed business owner. Each contractor providing a service to the festival event is not considered to be an employee of the festival event. The festival, its volunteers, sponsors, officers and directors will not be responsible for any injury or loss of equipment as a result of any service contract.