By Lee Roy Anderson

God’s good work continues today and forever. Trust in the knowledge of God. This is the kind of faith God wants us all to have. If we believe in a personal God who created and controls the world. Genesis 1:1, Colossians 1:16-17. We should have no trouble in believing the biblical record of the miracles. God is shown in the bible to be a God of miracles. The word miracle sounds strange in this day and age. We have become too sophisticated to accept miracles anymore. It’s sad that we have lost such a wonderful idea. A miracle used to be an event which was beyond simple explanation and understanding. Many people say that miracles don’t happen anymore if they ever did. If only people would open their hearts and begin looking more deeply than they are able with their eyes alone. When we see a beautiful sunset it affects more than just our eyes, when we ponder the wonder of human life at birth we are experiencing much more than a mere sensory event. The nighttime sky, pounding surf of the ocean, or the laughter of a child. All of these are miracles in a sense and all of them are evidence of the wonder of God. It is a special joy to see the world with eyes open to miracles and to feel life with a heart attuned to God’s love. If we understand God then we must believe in his miracles. Remember, there is a wonderful assurance for those who chose to follow Christ. Our reward will never come from this life but, from the life that awaits us with our heavenly father. His blessing is ever with us if we will only be patient and believe. He is with us in all things.