If God is God (and He is), then what He says is right and by His own words we know that He never changes.  His Word will never pass away.  When He speaks, we ought to listen whether He is speaking into your heart or through His Word.
If God is God, then what He says about you and me is true.  By His Word you can do what He says you can do if you are obedient to His Word.  We are merely human beings and not only can we not do very much; we don’t know very much either.  However, God knows and with Him all things are possible.  In ourselves, we can easily become confused, weary, discouraged, lax or blind.  I am speaking of things spiritual or eternal significance.
When our hearts become hardened, we become so set in our ways that even God’s Word becomes unfruitful to us because we ignore it, don’t believe it or continue in tradition or some religious explanation.  Many who say they believe the Bible, only believe bits and pieces.  What they have not experienced or come to understand they flip the page and go on leaning on their own understanding.  Prov. 3:5-6 reminds us to trust God and not lean on our own understanding.  We are encouraged to just acknowledge Him and He will direct our path.  There is much that we do not understand.  God may change His method, but God doesn’t change.  He never changes.
Sometimes we may just have to pray:  God, I don’t see this happening;  I don’t understand why or how this is;  but, I know you don’t change and I am just going to trust you.  If I am wrong, teach me, show me and help me.  I trust you and believe your Word.  Some say speaking in tongues was only for the times of the apostles and others say it is of the devil.  Still others say something else.  I don’t know of myself, however, I just believe what You said in the Bible and I am not going to add to it or take away from it.  I may not understand it all, but I trust you and my heart is open for You to teach me.
Some don’t believe healing is for today.  They know You can but doubt that You will.  I may not have received my healing yet, but I am going to trust You and believe what Your Word declares.  I know Your ways are higher than my ways and with You all things are possible.  Help me Lord to just trust You even when I don’t know the answer.