1Co 12:9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; Today let us consider the gifts of healing. Once again, it is the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is not the personal gift, power or any such thing that is the property of the individual. It is the gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost bestows upon whomsoever He chooses to impart the gift or gifts of healing. We all need healing at some time or other. It is not limited to the physical but is for the whole person whether it be a mental, physical or spiritual healing that is needed. Some of God’s servants are used in this area more than others. The gift of Evangelist is particularly used in this gift. Some may be used more when it comes to the healing of cancer and another is blessed with the gift of healing when it comes to eyesight. It is not the property of the individual but of the Holy Spirit.

God can use anyone He chooses in any of the gifts of the Spirit but they must be a willing vessel. All the glory goes to God, not the individual He is using. Man is not the healer, God is. Remember when Peter and John were going up to the temple to pray? Peter ministered to him the gift of healing and the man got up (who was lame) and walked and leaped praising God.

Peter was challenged by the Pharisees and those in authority and he told them that it was not him that healed but the power of the name of Jesus.

That hasn’t changed. God said in the 15th chapter of Exodus that He is the healer. Whether it is by miracle, the gift of healing or the laying on of hands by believers, it is still God. It may be God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) or by the gift released by the Holy Spirit, but it is still God. He may use faith, medicine, surgery, miracles or change of diet but healing is still God.

Some say the gifts of the Spirit are no longer in operation. So sad. God did not say that. The Bible does not say that. It is men or women that say that. It is sad because they close the door and try to persuade others that God doesn’t do that anymore. I do believe that the Word of God is the final authority when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit or any thing else He chooses to tell us through His Word. It is up to you if you believe or doubt or seek God’s blessings.