Hamrick places  second in WV 5K Run
Hamrick places
second in WV 5K Run

For many of us, after we climb the mountain of 50, life seems to go downhill. The cousins Bursitis and Arthritis take a hold of us and crossing our legs becomes a 20 minute chore. We settle in to the fact that the rest of our lives will be spent talking around a cup of coffee or a campfire about the days prior to Pepto Bismol and Aleve when we were superhuman. The only problem is that no one listens anymore. However, just because you cross the 50 year line doesn’t mean you must give in to stereotypes. You can overcome as is evidenced by Geoff Hamrick, a Tough Mudder competitor, wrestling coach and all around tough guy. He proves that joints and muscles don’t always need a grease fitting. Hamrick recently ran the West Virginia 5K Championship placing second in his division of 50-54 years of age and 65th out of 562 runners with a time of 21minutes and 11 seconds. He also qualified for the National Competition in St. Paul Minnesota with a 4th place finish in the WV Senior Olympics. Not bad for someone who, according to social graces, should be in a recliner watching a race instead of pounding the pavement. Hamrick says that if he can get his mile in 6 minutes or less he stands a great chance at nabbing a championship. Congratulations to Geoff Hamrick. You’re an inspiration to all us Geezers. “Hey, can somebody reach me the remote and the potato chips? I am ready to watch the World Cup.”