Flooding in Clay county 1 Floding in Clay Co. 2By Erica Kearns

Several waves of heavy rain moved across the area, starting Thursday night and continuing into early weekend, causing hazardous weather throughout the state. Twenty six West Virginia counties were included in a flood watch issued by the National Weather Service. In the neighborhood of three inches of rain fell during the weather movement, causing small creeks and streams to flood. Excess water became an issue as water filled over ran ditches and quickly ran across roadways.
The Northern end of Clay County was hit especially hard, contributing to the early dismissal of schools on Friday. The wet weather turned cold and blustery Saturday, turning the area into a winter wonderland overnight. A mix of snow and rain fell most of the day on Sunday, making overnight travel potentially dangerous. Clay County schools were on a two-hour delay Monday due to the winter weather conditions. With temperatures rising throughout the day and much of the snow melting, a flood watch was issued into Monday afternoon. Thankfully no injuries were reported during the inclement weekend weather.