I applaud every Christian who will stand firmly upon the Word of God that is so real to them and alive in their hearts.  The devil never quits trying to get them to compromise, doubt or just ignore what they know to be true.  Surely God smiles on their resolve.

There was a time when almost everyone doubted the truth of salvation.  It wasn’t until Martin Luther nailed his thesis on the door of a catholic church that man’s eyes began to open.  The revelation that the just shall live by faith was always there in Scripture but people didn’t know because they didn’t have access to the Word of God.

Unfortunately, many Christians stopped right there.  When God began to reveal other truths from His Word, many rebelled and fought against it.  Pentecost was not only resisted in the days of the early church (the times of the Apostle’s Peter and John, when God began to rekindle that fire in Wales, Azusa Street, the Carolina’s etc., condemnation was soon lashing out by those who did not search the Scriptures for themselves or seek God for an answer.

So when God began to pour the revelation of healing to the body of Christ through called men of God like A.A. Allen, Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, and E.W. Kenyon; church doors were mostly closed and they had to depend on tents to have church.

Then God moved through the Charismatic Renewal followed by the Word of Faith movement and once again stiff resistance arose.  As an example, the phrase’s “name it claim it” or “blab it grab it” were coined and set aflame as wildfire to stop the revelation God was bestowing on His Church.  The devil always comes up with something, be it a half truth, false doctrine or something taken to the extreme, he aims his artillery on the body of Christ to cause doubt, confusion or fear.  He loves to divide the body of Christ and keep it ready for battle against one another.

Where are you?   Is your heart so hardened and your eyes so closed that you will not permit God to bring new revelation to you?  The Word isn’t new but many times when God opens our eyes so we can see, it is new revelation to us.  God is not willing that any would perish and surely it must be the very end of the last days.  Will He do some new thing that will meet with rebellion or doubt?  Will He be moved in some manner we find new to us so that He may bring forth many souls into the Kingdom before He raptures the Church?  Will you arise with a cry of religious tradition?  Will you search the Scriptures?  Time will tell but I don’t think God is through yet.  It’s an exciting time to be alive in Jesus.