Red Kayak  Bottom Feeder contest

$100 cash prize for 1st place (two person) canoe and $100.00 prize for 1st place (one person) kayak. The three mile (give or take) race will begin at the old car wash at Crossroads (Rt. 16 immediately south of intersection with Rt. 4) and will finish at John Osborne’s below Pisgah Bridge. All persons must wear a life jacket, must be age 14 or older, no paddles can be attached to boat, no other boats may be in the competition area. Kayaks must use a double bladed paddle, canoes must use single bladed paddles. Race begins at 10:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 7, meet at 9:45 for registration and unloading. For more info call 587-4166 or 587-2949.