cookBy Erica Kearns
Several West Virginia State Troopers travelled to Widen this past weekend for a drug complaint investigation. Once at the residence, Trooper J. Ellis spoke to the homeowner Doug Cook and his girlfriend Amanda Butcher, advising them that a report had been received about a possible meth lab in the home. Written consent was received to search the home at which time materials consisting with the operation of a meth lab were found. When Coleman camp fuel, a gas generator, cold pack material and lithium strips from batteries were all found at the residence, Cook admitted to conspiring with another individual to allow him to use his home to cook meth. Cook told officers that he had no involvement with the meth cooking process except allowing another person to use his home. Doug Cook was arrested and charged with the felony charges of attempting to operate a meth lab and conspiracy. Cook was transported to Central Regional Jail where he remains on $85,000.00 bond.