Unger Wants West Virginians To Forever Own The State’s Greatest Resource – Water

Senate Majority Leader John Unger (D-Berkeley) introduced a resolution today calling for a constitutional amendment to be placed on this year’s general election ballot. It will allow West Virginians to claim the state’s water resources for the use and benefit of our citizens, and to protect landowner’s water use rights.

“Ten years ago the Legislature passed the State Water Resources Protection and Management Act that legally made the waters of West Virginia the people’s property,” says Unger. “This Joint Resolution I’m introducing today will allow West Virginians to amend the state constitution to ensure that West Virginia’s water resources will remain forever owned by the people of this great state, and that no future Legislatures can arbitrarily change the law.”

The purpose of Senate Joint Resolution 12 is to protect and preserve West Virginia’s water resources for present and future use and enjoyment while preserving property owners’ riparian rights.

SJR 12 was double referenced to the Senate Judiciary and Finance Committees.