photoAlong side 6,000 members of the United Mine Workers of America and their families

Delegate Dave Walker and Senator Elect Mike Romano traveled to Pittsburgh this week to protest the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan, introduced nearly two months ago, is intended to eliminate carbon pollution from power plants and coal fired power plants. The plan would greatly affect people working in coal mines as it would eliminate most jobs in that field.

“I’m totally against this plan, it’s a job killer.” says Delegate Walker. “I want people to know where I stand. And I stand with the miners, that’s why I’m walking the streets of Pittsburgh to support them.”

During the protest fourteen members of the United Mine Workers of America, including President Cecil Roberts, were arrested in a pre­arranged agreement and charged with trespassing after sitting down outside the William S. Moorhead Federal Building in Pittsburgh and refusing to leave.

The Clean Power Plan is open for public comment through October.