By Amber Bass
There are few things that are certain in life and change is one of them. Nothing ever stays the same. Whether you are optimistic or dread the thought, change triggers powerful effects in your body and your emotions, usually stress. Knowing how to deal with change can steer you into positive territory and increase your sense of control. Here are a few tips on dealing with the inevitable changes in life!
Take notice: Simply notice that you are in the midst of change and that change is a part of you. Knowing and accepting is half the battle
Face your feelings: When a situation is imposed upon you or beyond your control figure out what your fears are. You don’t have to be a victim. Journal and deal with your emotions about the change
Welcome change as opportunity: Find the benefit somewhere in the change. There is always a benefit and a positive possibility.
Make good choices: Select your thoughts and attitudes about each change. Negative thoughts block inspiration and problem-solving abilities. Positive thoughts build bridges to possibilities and opportunities.
Relax: Deep breathing works for many people. Exercise helps most of us to relax. Choose the way that works best for you. Relaxation allows you to deal and make healthy decisions.
Set goals: Guide change. Smart goal setting helps you decide how to make the change happen and to recognize your successes. Write out your goals and your plans to meet them.
Practice makes perfect. If we plan and go through possible situations that are looming in life we think more clearly. Communicate with supportive people who can help you deal with stress!