Hearing Docket for October 31, 2013 – Magistrate Boggs
9:00 am, State vs. Donald Bishop, Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Belt vs. Jessie Carte, Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Ellis vs. Jessie Carte , Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Bass vs. Nathan Johnson, Simple Possession Controlled Substance, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, Carrying Deadly Weapon
10:00 am, Hunt vs. Dustin Johnson, Leaving Scene with Property Damage, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI
10:00 am, Young vs. Derek Glasser, Registration Violation, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, No Proof of Insurance

Hearing Docket for November 12, 2013 – Magistrate King
9:00 am, Starcher vs. Jonathan Dobbins, Failure to yield to Emergency Vehicle
9:15 am, Bass vs. Donald Bishop, Trespassing
9:30 am, Armentrout vs. Gary Harmon, Failure to Obtain Certificate of Inspection x 4
9:45 am, Belt vs. Danny Brown, Driving Under Influence
10:00 am, Belt vs. Jesse Mayhan, Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses
10:15 am, Belt vs. Dencil Pritt, Destruction of Property, Assault x 2
10:30 am, Belt vs. William Nottingham, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI 3rd Offense
10:45 am, Belt vs. Joshua Neff, Assault
11:00 am, Belt vs. Dalenna Drake, Assault
11:15 am, Belt vs. Joshua Neff, Assault
11:30 am, Belt vs. William Taylor, Driving Under the Influence
1:00 pm, Belt vs. Cheryl Dawson, Possession of Marijuana less than 15 grams
1:15 pm, Belt vs. Jay Jones, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI 3rd Offense, No Proof of Insurance, Registration Violation
1:30 pm, Davis vs. Brandi Adkins, Assault
1:45 pm, Davis vs. Brittany Thorne, Petit Larceny
2:00 pm, Davis vs. Joey Holcomb, Domestic Assault
2:15 pm, Smith vs. Clarence Stone, Jr., Delivery of Controlled Substance, Cultivation of Controlled Substance, Simple Possession of Meth
2:30 pm, Portillo vs. Shelly Adkins, Obstructing an Officer
2:45 pm, Portillo vs. Mark Adkins, Obstructing an Officer
3:00 pm, Rider vs Violet Keen, Assault
3:15 pm, Rider vs. Travis Keen, Destruction of Property, Assault
3:30 pm, Workforce WV vs. Glen Adkins, False Representation of Unemployment x 3