9/3/13, Lisa Copen, 35 from Spencer Craddock, 40
9/3/13, Pamela Windon, 40 from Robert Runion, 53
9/5/13, William Harvey, 50 from Elizabeth Martin, 33
9/12/1, Joseph Jarrett, 23 from Lataura Underwood, 21
9/16/13, Rosemary Ramsey, 33 from Hirsal Bollinger, 38
9/16/13, Michael Morris, 29 from Julie Hilderbrand, 30
9/23/13, Silke Herno, 32 from Jonathan Humphrey, 37
9/23/13, Jennifer Pritt, 36 from Scott Bird, 38

Property Transfers:
10/2/13, James Ward to Cindy Boggs & Pamela Ratliff, Henry District, 1.47 Acres
10/2/13, Robert Runnion to Richard Lee & Richard Lee Runnion, II, Henry District, 3 Acres
10/3/13, Nancy and Russell Murphy, Buffalo District, 3.53 Acres
10/4/13, Phillip & Fonda Butcher to Norman Ramsey, Clay Municipality, Lot # 5

Hearing Docket for October 22, 2013 – Magistrate Boggs
9:00 am, Ellis vs. Josh Varney, Simple Possession
9:00 am, Ellis vs. Charles Wheeler, Speeding
9:00 am , Ellis vs. James O’Dell, Simple Possession
9:00 am, Belt vs. Kassie Blankenship, Battery
10:00 am, Bass vs. Dean Taylor, Sr., Driving Under the Influence 2nd Offense
10:00 am, Bass vs. Laura Smith, Failure to Pay for Gas
10:00 am, Smith vs. Justin Blankenship, Disorderly Conduct, Brandishing Deadly Weapon
10:00 am, Smith vs. David Pauley, Disorderly Conduct, Battery
10:00 am, Hunt vs. Victor Jarvis , Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving
11:00 am, Young vs. Kaitlin Jordan, Simple Possession Controlled Substance
11:00 am, Young vs. David Pritt , Misdemeanor Possession, Public Intoxication
11:00 am, Young vs. Tamieka Seville-Holmes, Permitting No Operators
11:00 am, Belt vs. Debora Workman, Obstructing an Officer

Hearing Docket for October 31, 2013 – Magistrate Boggs
9:00 am, State vs. Donald Bishop, Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Belt vs. Jessie Carte, Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Ellis vs. Jessie Carte, Driving Under the Influence
9:00 am, Bass vs. Nathan Johnson, Simple Possession Controlled Substance, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, Carrying Deadly Weapon
10:00 am, Hunt vs. Dustin Johnson, Leaving Scene with Property Damage, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI
10:00 am, Young vs. Derek Glasser, Registration Violation, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, No Proof of Insurance

Hearing Docket for October 22, 2013 – Magistrate King
1:00 pm, Ellis vs. Jack Sizemore, Driving Under the Influence, Simple Possession, Motor Vehicle Inspection

Hearing Docket for October 24, 2013 – Magistrate King
9:00 am, Smith vs. Holly King, Driving Under the Influence
9:15 am, Smith vs. Carlos Gray, Domestic Battery
9:30 am, Smith vs. Barbara Gray, Domestic Battery
9:45 am , Smith vs. James Myers Jr., Simple Possession, Possession Concealed Deadly Weapon
10:00 am, Young vs. Kassie Blankenship, Battery
10:15 am, Young vs. Kristopher O’Dell, Simple Possession
10:30 am, Young vs. Carlos Betts, Speeding
10:45 am, Young vs. Stephen Mitchell Jr., Defective Equipment, Driving Suspended/Revoked Non-DUI, Simple Possession Controlled Substance, Prohibited
11:00 am, Young vs. Lane Sizemore, Misdemeanor possession
11:15 am, Ellis vs. James Stone, Unlawful Assault, Battery
11:30 am, Ellis vs. Wilbert Brown, Driving Under the Influence, Registration Violation
1:30 pm, Ellis vs. Kristopher McGlothlin, Simple Possession
1:45 pm, Ellis vs. Rick Bishop, Receiving/Transferring Stolen Property
2:00 pm, Ellis vs. Jessie Ghee, Defective Equipment, Driving Suspended/ Revoked Non-Dui
2:15 pm, Ellis vs. Jonathan Morton, Fleeing in Vehicle, Defective Equipment, No Proof of Insurance
2:30 pm, Ellis vs. Justin Delwarte, Fleeing
2:45 pm, Ellis vs. Carmelia Bishop, Receiving/Transferring Stolen Property, Obstructing an Officer
3:00 pm, Ellis vs. Robert Rose, Driving Under Influence
3:15 pm, Ellis vs. Wanda Coulter, Shoplifting
3:30 pm, Ellis vs. Adam Naylor, Failure to Obey Traffic Device, Left of Center, Reckless Driving, Failure to Maintain Control

Hearing Docket for October 25, 2013 – Magistrate King
1:00 pm, Regina Carpenter vs. Ronnie Welch, Civil Suit
1:30 pm, Clay Municipal Water vs. Cathy West & William West