Courthouse News - January 29th, 2014 - Clay County Free Press
Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2014

Courthouse News – January 29th, 2014

Hearing Schedule for Mitchel H. King- January 31, 2014

10:00am, Clay Municipal Water vs Cathy & William West

10:30am, J.B. Butcher vs James Keaton & Cathy Keaton

1:00pm, Patricia Haynes vs Amanda Ferrebee

1:00pm, Amanda Ferrebee vs Adrian Thompson


Hearing Schedule for Mitchel H. King – February 6, 2014

9:00 am, Young vs. David Pauley Jr.

9:15 am, Young vs. Amanda Cox Pauley

9:30 am, Young vs. Kassie Blankenship

9:45 am, Bass vs. Charles Hayes

10:00 am, Young vs. Karen Brown

10:15 am, Ellis vs. Justin Delwarte

10:30 am, Armentrout vs. Gary Harman

10:45 am, Belt vs. John Hively

11:00 am, Belt/Bass vs. Raymond Smith

11:15 am, Smith vs. Jason Jarvis

11:30 am, Smith vs. Jeremy Ferrebee

1:00 pm, Cervera vs. Matthew Carte

1:15 pm, Cervera vs Alice Jeffery

1:30 pm, Hunt vs. Randall Duncan

1:45 pm, Belt vs. Phillip Stone

2:00 pm, Simms vs. Edwin Canter

2:15 pm, Simms vs. Justin Neal

2:30 pm, Simms vs. Fabian Brown

3:00 pm, Simms vs. Harlan Taylor

3:15 pm, Workforce of WV vs. Glen Adkins


Hearing Schedule for Jeff Boggs – January 27, 2014

1:00 pm, State vs. Mona Keith

1:00 pm, Davis vs. Thomas Wilson


Hearing Schedule for Jeff Boggs – February 4, 2014

9:00 am, Ellis vs. Clinton Duckworth

9:00 am, Cervera vs. Ervin Myers

9:00 am, Ellis vs. Crystal Tanner

9:00 am, Simms vs. Roger Elmore

10:00 am, Simms vs. Brian Mitchem

10:00 am, Simms vs. Mark Mitchem

10:00 am, Simms vs. Paul Brown

10:00 am, Young vs. Lloyd Rapp

10:00 am, Davis vs. William Nottingham

11:00 am, Davis vs. Joseph Cummings

11:00 am ,Young vs. Kevin Bird

11:00 am, Belt vs. Kassie Blankenship

11:00 am, Simms vs. James Canter

11:00 am, Smith vs. James Schoonover

11:00 am, State vs. Donald Bishop

11:00 am, House’s Market vs. Travis Frame


Property Transfers:

1/10/14, Kenneth & Victoria Grose to Wetzel & Janet Neal, Pleasant District 1 acre

1/13/14, WV Housing Development Fund to Jeremy & Ray Mullins, Henry District .73 Acres

1/17/14, Homer & Vickie Osborne Brown to Mary Jones, Pleasant District .25 Acres


Civil Suits – Circuit Court:

1/7/14, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. Mary E. Ferrebee or Mary R. Ferrebee

1/17/14, Creed Capital vs. Paul Montgomery

1/22/14, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. Mary E. Ferrebee or Mary R. Ferrebee


Civil Suits – Magistrate Court:

1/13/14 Glen Abbott vs Gina Cobb

1/22/14 Raymond Brown vs. Brodis Brown


Worthless Checks:

Clay Foodland vs. Susan Workman x3

Clay Foodland vs. Charles Ghee (paid 1/13/14)

Gino’s vs. Jennifer Olah

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Mandy Turley x 13

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Scott Trenum x 9

Clay Middle School vs. Angela Gill

Clay Middle School vs. Sheri Ferguson

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Rebecca Neff (paid 1/16/14)

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Rikki Nottingham x 10

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Joyce White

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Melissa Smith x 2

Bullard’s Exxon vs. David Neal

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Angela Gill

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Jerry Quinn x 2

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Roger Holcomb

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Stephanie Taylor

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Melissa Goff

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Aaron Belt

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Angelia Dancy x 3

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Janet Fitzwater x 2

Bullard’s Exxon vs. Daniel Woods x 2

Cunningham Motors vs. Barry Payton

Clay County Sheriff vs. Angela Gill