In today’s economy pinching pennies is essential. Not only is saving money smart but thrift store shopping, yard sales and couponing are becoming a trend in main stream media. Pamela Tanner and Kristy Belt know the savings that are possible through clipping coupons and are passing their tricks of the trade on to others. “We understand how much people can save, so we’re passionate about what we do!” stated Tanner. “I only spend about $100 a month at the store and that’s by choice.”
The couple had an impressive guest speaker. Clay County Middle Schools student KaShaela McKinney shared her tips to save on makeup and beauty products. Though couponing has been portrayed in a negative light with “extreme couponing” television shows, Belt assured that the situations depicted in these shows are not the main stream. “We do not clear shelves and only take what we can use. The savings are out there and we personally do not support abuse or fraud. Coupon fraud affects us all. We abide by the rules and look for the deals that the manufacturers are giving.”
The eye opening class is packed with money saving information, visual aids, free coupons and everyone leaves with at least one free gift. Classes can be booked with a group of 6 people. The cost is $20 person and reservations can be made with Pam Tanner at 304-395-5738