dave pauley amanda pauleyBy Erica Kearns
West Virginia State Police have arrested David Pauley, Jr. after assaulting his wife this past week. Officers said they received multiple 911 calls from concerned neighbors, saying a man was in a physical altercation with a woman along Route 16 in Lizemores. When troopers arrived on the scene, they said David Pauley, Jr. was at a neighbor’s home, asking to use the phone. When interviewed, Pauley told troopers that his family’s van had broken down. He then admitted to hitting and pushing his wife and then pulling her insulin pump out of her arm. A field sobriety test was conducted on Pauley, which he failed. David Pauley, Jr. was arrested and charged with domestic battery, DUI with a minor in the vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle without a license. Troopers also say Pauley assaulted another male at the scene of this incident.
Pauley’s wife, Amanda, and 4-year-old step daughter had been given a ride to Bentree by another person. When located in Bentree, Amanda told officers that her husband had assaulted her and that he had been drinking prior to the altercation. Amanda Pauley was arrested later and charged with permitting DUI, after she acknowledged during the initial interview that she and her daughter were in the vehicle with Pauley at the time of Thursday’s incident. Two witnesses on the scene also gave statements corroborating that Amanda Pauley and the child were in the van along with David Pauley.
Troopers said Monday Amanda asked to change her original statement, saying the child was, in fact, not in the vehicle, despite the statements from the other two witnesses.
The husband and wife duo both transported to Central Regional Jail before being later released on bond.