INSIDE BUSBy Erica Kearns
The sudden resignation of a county contract bus driver has left some Bomont residents in a stressful situation. County policy provides contract routes for areas in the county where a regular school bus cannot travel, but the resignation of a driver in the Darnell Hollow area has left parents to transport children themselves.
Carol Hager has five children that would normally ride the contract bus, but now there is no bus available to take her kids to and from school. “I’m a working mother,” Hager told WOWK. “I am trying to make sure that my kids needs are all met and stuff like that and I just don’t think it’s fair.” Hager feels this is a hardship on her family, saying “People struggle every day but it makes it very difficult trying to make money to make sure your kids are there.”
Until the job is successfully filled, the Board of Education offers in lieu payments to people in situations such as Hager’s. The county is required to pay parents who travel more than two miles to transport their children to school but the county opts to pay parents who travel just one or more miles.
Superintendent Kenneth Tanner said it will take several weeks to hire a contract bus driver for the route. The position is posted, and now sealed bids will be received and a qualified candidate will be awarded the bid. If the driver is not previously qualified, a forty hour training course must be completed. The vehicle chosen to use on the contract route must also be inspected and insured to meet safety standards. Interested persons should contact the Board of Education at 304-587-4266.