Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2014

Coach Dale “Buck” Davis honored for his service

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Coaching legend Dale “Buck” Davis with his wife Connie.

Coaching legend Dale “Buck” Davis with his wife Connie.

The journey that an individual takes in life will initiate new questions and challenges at each stage. In a youth’s life, however, those questions and challenges often test their spirit to the extreme. The storms divulge weakness, and too often, the lack of wisdom and strength to overcome that weakness evolves into a state of panic. Everyone in their youth, either boy or girl, is unfinished and needs training as they encounter the tough period of growing up.

There is an ancient path that we all must take to find out who we really are and what we aspire to be. During that time we happen into people who inspire us to greater things to go beyond the normal routine of life and make a difference. Coach Dale “Buck” Davis is one of those individuals who, for 37 years, was a force in the Clay County school system. A force that instilled the habits of character, hard work, determination, and the ability to live from a profound deep centered power that we all should live by. Coach Davis had many accomplishments in his tenure as a basketball coach and teacher, evidenced by the amount of friends, former players, and family that attended the event.

Coach Davis, along with his wonderful wife Connie, both considered among the greatest teachers to ever grace the halls of CCHS, accepted his plaque and accolades of his fans with class and humbleness. There is a need for more men like Dale “Buck” Davis who have a contagious sense of vision and motivated toward a love for God and people, a man who wakes up each morning ready to meet the day wide open as if it is the first time he has seen a sunrise. Thank you Coach Dale “Buck” Davis for your service to the people of this county and for giving your heart to the youth as a mentor, coach and friend. Coach Davis- 37 years, 417 wins, nine sectional tournament championships, two regional championships, one regional runner up, three time NRVC coach of the year, two time WVACA coach of the year, 1997 WVACA state coach of the year, 37 years assistant football coach, 12 years athletic director, but most of all a friend.