The lobby at Clay Health Care Center

Clay Health Care Center in Big Otter has been undergoing renovations recently.

On Christmas Day, 2015, a heavy rain passed through and water began to flow into the Health Care Center. Staff immediately moved residents to the opposite end of the building for safety. The water that entered the building caused some damage and renovations began to happen throughout the whole facility. Each resident received new beds and mattresses as well as new paint and flooring. Throughout the facility, the lighting was upgraded to LED and the walls were redone, painted, and new hand railings were installed. The outside also got updated, and when the floods came in June, the waters did not affect the building thanks to the work done outside.

Clay Health Care Center is owned and operated by AMFM (American Medical Facilities Management). CHCC is a 60-person care center and specializes in skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation to home, and long-term care services. Services provided at CHCC include: medical services provided by a licensed physician, personal social services and discharge planning with a licensed social worker, pharmacy services, onsite beautician/barber, hospice care, as well as many more services.

Soon, each resident will be getting a new wardrobe and night stand to complete the renovations at CHCC.