snake-cakeChloe Gayle Rose, a fourth grader in Mrs. Cliver’s class at Clay Elementary, has just had her second book accepted for publication.
Last year Chloe had her first children’s book “The Snake That Eats Cake” published. In March of 2013 Clay County Delegate Dave Walker invited Chloe to Charleston to the House Session where she was honored as the youngest author in the history of the state. During the session Chloe received a signed citation and had her photo taken with our state leaders.
As Chloe prepares to start the fourth grade she is celebrating the news that her second book, which she co-wrote with her mother, will be in stores later this year.
“Fly High Dolly Dawn Dell” is the story of a fairy child who is not growing as quickly as all of the other fairy children. Dolly Dawn Dell however, listens to the advice of her mother and let’s nothing keep her down!
Chloe says that she hopes this book will make other children see that, “everyone grows in their own way and everyone is special.”
Chloe may only be nine, but she has big dreams! “I want to be a famous author, singer and have a big farm with lots of animals.”
“Fly High Dolly Dawn Dell” will be fully illustrated and released later this year. Congratulations Chloe!