A near perfect tackle.

And so it begins. Football fans of this great county, it is time to break out those lungs that have been idle for the past few months because the long awaited 2014 football season has arrived. That’s right, the CCPIF league has held its tryouts at Dundon this past week. The baseball diamonds were turned into makeshift gridirons, and the conditioning of these young future football stars began. Youth from around the county began the lung busting calisthenics to prepare for football war. The blocking dummies sang the blues as players hammered them, and I feel sorry for those that will be on the business end of those hits. To cheer on the gladiators, some of the best and loudest cheerleaders showed up to try out for the cheer teams. The fields were alive with action, and the look in the young athletes’ eyes, whether they were football players or cheerleaders, gave a person the idea that this was not going to be an average season. The teams look like they will be tough to beat, as they all look ready to play some serious ball. This may be the year that CCPIF will be at the top of the food chain. The first time these players will hit the field to put fear into the hearts of other teams will be here at home on the CCHS football field. The Grid will take place this Saturday, August 9th, and teams from all over will compete and hone their skills before the regular season begins. No doubt that when the smoke clears the Clay Intermediate Panthers will be on top. If you’re tired of life without football and get the opportunity, head over to the CCHS field and watch some real heart pounding, head busting action.

Former CCHS running back great helps train the receivers.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into this league from all the coaches, assistant coaches, league officers and the many volunteers that make sure it is smooth sailing for the kids. There are numerous folks that make this happen and prove that there are people who care enough to give these kids an opportunity to get their game on. You owe it to yourself to bring your yearning for action heart and spirit to a game so you can feel young again, grab a hotdog have a seat and see what a great league this has turned into. The CCHS Panther football team will also begin workouts this week, and the year looks like it will be a good one. Come on out and enjoy some great football action and get this season underway the right way. Get ready football fans, it’s time to party.

C team cheerleaders were perfecting their moves.
C team cheerleaders were perfecting their moves.