Finally, the CCMS football team hit the field at Walton this past Thursday night for a scrimmage game. It was a much anticipated event because of the exodus of so many players to CCHS. The team may be a little short-handed with players, but that doesn’t say anything about their hearts or physical appearance. The CCMS Mustangs lack nothing in size with an average line tonnage of 175 pounds give or take. The boys have the strength and the power to stop the run, and the linebackers have the speed and grit to stop the outside run. The defensive backs broke up more passes than a soap opera. Basically, what I am saying is that they shut down the offense of the Walton Tigers. There were some mistakes made by the Mustang offense, but they were able to move the ball down field. Most of those bugs will be worked out by the season opener, and the Mustangs will be a well-oiled machine and ready to get the job done.
The Mustangs have returning coach Jared Fitzwater at the helm and with assistants like Eric Cole and Greg Knopp, CCMS will be well represented in the field, and no doubt they will have the team ready for play. They play hard, they hit hard and they want to win, so get out, grab a hotdog and drink and enjoy the game. First game will be on the road in Braxton County Thursday.