Published On: Wed, Aug 13th, 2014

Clay County Intermediate Football League at Bradley Field

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A Team defense dominated.

A Team defense dominated.

It was grid time at Bradley Field Saturday as teams from Ritchie, Roane, and Tyler Consolidated converged to take on the tough A,B and C teams of the Clay County Panther Intermediate Football league. The stands were practically full and standing room only on the side lines as football action played out on every inch of Bradley field. Coaches got a good chance to see other teams and work on their weaknesses along with building on their strengths.

Clay County’s A Team looked much like a college level team as their defense dominated the field. The A Team defense was brutal with their tackling and basically turned out the lights on the running game. They had a little trouble with the Ritchie team as they brought their own top of the food chain players. The running backs found the holes in the line opened up by a tough group of lineman, and you may as well call the butcher because they were bringing the pig. The CCPIF A team will be a tough team to take the field with, and if they stay healthy, look out league, they will leave nothing but ruin.

The B Team has some things to work out but also did a good job. They have players who do not have a ton of experience and some that do. Give them a couple of weeks to work out the bugs, and they will dominate.

The C Team – well, what can you say? They took the field like pros and left the field like pros. No one could stop their run game as they ran at will with some fancy play calling. The coaches will now take what they have learned and get set for the regular season opener. If you want to see some great raw football action where football is played like it should be played, don’t miss out on a game. The teams are primed for action, and they aim to please. Thanks to all the people behind the scenes who made this football day a great one.