Those of you who have a craving for great basketball and like to see games that will aid and abet a heart condition, you may have wanted to see the game between the Panthers and South Harrison. In case you missed it, it was one of the greatest comebacks in the school’s history.


The South Harrison Hawks were on tour in Clay County Wednesday night and wasn’t there to have tea and crumpets. They wanted to come here and put a whipping on the Panthers and almost did; I say almost. The Hawks held the lead for almost three thirds of the game; again I say almost. The Panthers were down to their last 2:53 left in the game and down by 15 points.

Then it began a comeback worthy of words that cannot be expressed by a team that for all intent and purpose was given up on. Let’s face it, an opposing team that was shooting like a sniper and being down 15 points with just a little over a couple of minutes to play – not good odds. It began with a tap in off a rebound from Storm Carver and then a critical mass melt down to the Hawks courtesy of master ball thief Chris Cole. Chris, in a matter of seconds, stole the ball on the intake three times scoring a quick four points, and he added two more off a rebound to bring his run to six points making the score 48-55. Storm Carver added two more to bring the score to 50 -55. He then went to the charity line for three after a tech foul and sunk all of them to bring the score to 53-55. Two more were added with seconds left, and Jared Woodyard struck the final blow for the Panthers by sinking a two point perimeter shot to win the game. The Hawks had just four seconds to get the ball to the basket, and it just didn’t happen. The Panthers won 57-55!