Auditor Charles Knight spoke to the commission Wednesday
Auditor Charles Knight spoke to the commission Wednesday

By Erica Kearns

The Clay County Commission met on Wednesday, with an agenda full of guests. The meeting began with Melody Cottrell and Jerry Bodkins appearing to request that the necessary actions be taken to provide the Grassy Creek area of Lizemores with city water. Approximately 3 miles of Grassy Creek and Bob Reedy Fork are without city water and the well water in this area in unfit to use due to mining damage. Residents in this stretch of the county have to haul water or have water delivered to them; this is not only costly, but is inconvenient and sometimes impossible. Residents were encouraged by commissioners to contact the Public Service Commission and higher up elected officials to draw attention to the matter.
Mary Nichols appeared asking the commission to enforce parking rules and regulations within the town of Clay, specifically on the back streets and at places of business. Ms. Nichols was advised to contact the Town of Clay mayor’s office, as they would handle all parking issues within city limits.
Charles Knight presented the findings of a recent audit, giving the closure statement to the commissioners listing the details of the audit. Some issues were discovered, such as credit card purchases being reimbursed without proper receipts and the circuit clerk having no funds, but measures were put in place to correct these errors.
The customary approval of the minutes, assessments, bills, purchase orders and probating of estates followed. The county’s financial report for the fiscal year 2012-2013 was approved as well as a list of cancelled orders as presented by the Sheriff’s office.
The meeting adjourned until Wednesday, September 25 at 10:00 am.