By Amber Bass
The commission meeting started off with a prayer and The Pledge of Allegiance. The meetings from the previous meeting were approved. Erroneous assessments and refunds of erroneous assessments and real estate were approved. Alice Ferrebee was appointed administratrix over the estate of Phillip Payne II. The Last Will and Testament of Clara Holcomb and the appointment of Connie Dorfner was approved. The Last Will and Testament of Harry Dobbins Jr. was approved and Katrina Hamdan was appointed administratrix.
The commission approved the removal of Business Development Authority member Mike Evans due to lack of attendance. The vacancy left by Mike Evans in the Clay County Business Development Authority was filled by Terri Smith.
Alexander Baker and Cindy Duffield were hired as temporary part-time EMT-B’s for the Clay County Ambulance Service. They are to be paid $8.25 an hour without benefits.
The Clay County Business Development Authority was approved to use the courthouse square upon attainment of a Certificate of Liability for Christmas activities on December 7th.
A list of property suspensions were approved from the Sheriffs’ Delinquent Tax Sale. The equipment service contract presented by Appalachian Office Products for a copier located at the WVU Extension office was approved in the amount of $450. The meeting dates were set for the Board of Review and Equalization: 2/3/14 at 10:00 am, 2/5/14
The commission approved a contract with NACO for health discounts. The commission recessed until 11:00 for the public sale and the meeting was adjourned. A list of erroneous assessments, refunds and real estate divisions are available for public inspection as well as purchase orders and invoices.
Further information will be available to the public about the NACo Discount program once the contract is reviewed and approved.