Scan_Pic0004Last week, students from Clay Christian Academy competed at the A.C.E. Regional

Student convention. The convention consisted of Christian schools from 5 states

competing in many different areas ranging from music to sports.


Individual Event Winners:

Jordan Asbury: I st Preaching, 1 st Music Composition, 2nd Essay Writing, 3rd Piano Solo, 4th Poetry.

Shannon Scott: 3rd Photography, 4th Short Story.

Rachel Brown: 1 st Essal Writing.

Nathan McGlothlin: 2n Preaching.

John Michael Adkins: 4th Essay Writing.

Wyatt Legg: 3rd Archery.

Dawnielle Holcomb: 6th Short Story.

Logan Burchett: 5th Essay Writing.

Team Event Winners:

Science Exhibit 1 st Place: Shannon Scott, Dawnielle Holcomb.

Radio Broadcast 1 st Place: Rachel Brown, Shannon Scott, Nathan McGlothlin, Andrew McGlothlin, Wyatt Legg

Small Ensemble 2nd Place: Logan Burchett, Andrew McGlothlin, John Michael Adkins, Jordan Asbury, Nathan McGlothlin, Wyatt Legg, Rachel Brown, Dawnielle Holcomb, Shannon Scott.


These students are now eligible to compete at the International Student Convention in

Pennsylvania. Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you for representing Clay

Christian Academy well.