It takes the whole body of Christ to make up THE CHURCH.  It is composed of many denominations which are filled with various methods, theologies and traditions.  Many times we find such differences that cause suspicions, distrust and even hate to be left to fester and grow as the enemy sows his seeds of discord causing division in the body.

There is One God, One Savior, One Holy Spirit and One Bible which we all are supposed to share, believe and follow.  The Lord gave me an example I will share with you of how the body of Christ stands.  Picture an orchestra made up of violins, piano, drums, clarinets, trumpets and other instruments.

The director chooses a song that they are all assembled to play.  There is a problem.  The violins begin to play in one chord and the clarinets in another.  The percussion section is at odds with the trumpets.  It’s as though each section rewrote the song to fit their mood or preference.  It is a tragedy.  That’s something like the churches today.  Each has its own idea and has no patience for the others.  “They’re all wrong but me, they cry.”

Many have seemingly forgotten that the Director is the Spirit of God and the Word of God is the music.  It is a song about a Savior, Jesus Christ and His beloved Father, our Creator.

Now imagine the orchestra again.  It is the body of Christ.  Each denomination has its own contribution to make.  Some churches excel in praise and worship.  Some focus on faith.  Some are just better at soul winning.  Still there are others.  Some seem to be stronger in fellowship while others carefully honor traditions.  The point is; each of these have their foundation on the shed blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross and without Him all fail.  Which one is right?  Perhaps all.  Each has their own mission in the body of Christ but all must come together as one to honor the Word of God, Spirit of God, Jesus Christ and our Holy Father.  The devil is the author of criticism and self-righteousness.  The devil is very religious and doesn’t miss a service.  It’s time he be exposed and the body of Christ come together and walk in love and forgiveness.

Perhaps you disagree with that church down the road.  So what?  If they are in error, pray for them.  They may not have the knowledge or the anointing that is in your church.  Still, Jesus loves them and died for them.  Those gifts of backbiting, criticism, condemnation and religious superiority are gifts from the devil.   We need one another.  Together we make up the body of Christ.  If we spend our time honoring God as we are supposed to do through worship and praise and searching the Scriptures for the truths contained therein, we won’t have time to be the judges.  That’s God’s business.  Remember, love never fails.