By Martha Deems

March came in like a lamb on the first day but more snow came in the following days closing school again for several days in the month that spring begins.

Spring makes us begin watching for birds building nests. The flowers and grass begin growing after a cold winter. The trees are still bare waiting for their clothes of green.

The pine tree stayed green all winter as though God didn’t want to leave every tree bare and gave us some green to look at during winter. We didn’t have many pines on our farm at Big Otter on the road that led to Hallsburg but Dad found us a Christmas tree one year. It was put in our cool front room away from heat. Mother had Dad take us smaller children back to that room and help decorate the tree. We mostly used Christmas cards as our sign that we rejoiced in the birth of Jesus. Many cards lined the door facings of our dining room showing others shared in the happiness.

Spring brought with it new calves on the farm. Mother and we children walked out to the barn to look at them. They had innocent looking faces and looked so clean.

Walking around the yard we noticed some flowers of spring that we get before Easter making their way out of the dull looking ground and we admire them as they grow. We have had some nice weather the last few days which got us to spring cleaning. It was very cold this winter and we are glad for some warm days.

Hope everyone is feeling well and happy that it’s spring. Our Heavenly Father cares very much for us, so live your life knowing this.