There is a vicious attack being waged on Christianity. It is curious that no one is bothered about other religions which are overrunning our land, some, which when practiced in the strictest manner are dangerous and an actual threat to our freedoms. On the other hand, Christianity practiced according to the Bible, if practiced in the strictest manner can do nothing but good and actually brings new freedoms to the soul of man.

The anti-Christian movement that is attacking the Christmas holiday, is the fool because the Christmas holiday isn’t even a biblical holiday. Search as much as you like, you will only find one true biblical, Christian holiday and that is the Christian Sabbath celebrated on the first day of every week. God instructed in the fourth of the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:8, Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. I realize that not everyone agrees with all that I teach; but as you know, I have always encouraged you to READ YOUR BIBLE. In this age when virtually every kind of information can be attained via internet, I ask you to do your own research into the history of Christmas and prove me right or wrong on this short lesson before us.

When the Lord Jesus, our Lamb, died on the cross, the Jewish Sabbath was fulfilled and at the resurrection of Christ, the Christian Sabbath began. Every other so-called Christian holiday was invented by man. Most have their roots in Babylonian idolatry. In this modern age of world-wide information right at our finger tips and easily accessed via internet, it is very easy to quickly research and prove me right or wrong. Therefore, I ask you, not to take my word for anything or the word of any other man, but search for yourself. If you find any other biblical, Christian holiday in the Bible, other than the first day of the week, which we recognize

according to the common 1582 Gregorian calendar as Sunday, please let me know so that I can celebrate it with you. The Roman Catholics who invented Christmas will openly admit that they do not recognize the Bible as the final authority in all that they believe and practice. The celebration of Christ-Mass, is a Catholic mass recognizing the birth of Jesus Christ, and was passed on to the world and now, most follow the tradition without question including most Baptists.

I promised in my last article to show proof and evidence that Christmas is not a Christian holiday, but my proof and evidence is really the lack of proof and evidence in the Bible. Many, if not most who go all out to celebrate Christmas do not attend church at all. They deny Him and blaspheme Him all year long, then pretend to celebrate His birth on December 25th. Not only do they blaspheme and mock Him all year long by their sinful lifestyle and neglect of worship, but they do the same also during their so-called celebration of His birth.

Now, I realized when I started this article that it would be offensive to some and perhaps many, but truth is not always soft and sweet. Do you want harsh truth or do you want soft lies? Our Lord, during His earthly ministry spoke many kind words to the people, but He did not hesitate to speak the harsh truth when necessary. The apostles too, were very compassionate and sought to bless the people, but they were willing to be obedient in preaching the harsh truth of God’s word when necessary, even at the expense of their own health and safety. Now, I ask you, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” I ask you to stay with me in our next lesson and at least consider the information provided. E-mail,