Hannah Casto stretching the hamstrings on the 100 meter dash. Allen Hamrick photo.

The CCHS track team is in the news again at the Chup Robinson Classic held in Glenville.

It was tough competition for the team. The weather was cold enough to freeze the dinger off a brass wind chime. Just when a person thought it was time to put up the sweat shirts, it was time to drag out the long handles again. Warm weather  is as unpredictable as a grandma’s soufflé this season.

With that being said, the track team hit the road and made their presence known on the track. Teams took to the field, and both the boys’ and girls’ teams were heating up the track between shivering in the snow.  The Ladies held their own, placing second in the tournament overall. Sharina Ratliff is still raising eyebrows with her running skills. She was second in both the 800 and 1600 meter runs, and the queen of the track in the distance runs.  She is not the only one burning the carbs.

Garrett Quinn making it look easy. Allen Hamrick photo.

Lexi Ramsey was the 3rd highest scoring girl at the meet, placing 2nd on the high hurdle, 1st in the low hurdles, was on the 1st place 4×100 team and was on the 1st place 4×200 team.  Also in the 4×400 and the 4×800 meter, the Lady Panther relay teams took first. Hannah Casto took 4th in the 100 meter dash and 3rd in the 200 meter dash. Garrett Quinn has turned on the beats mode in the hurdles placing 2nd in both the high and low hurdles. The boys placed 4th overall in the meet.

The teams will be in action once again at Roane County  on Tuesday night and again on Friday night at Independence High School.  Go Panthers and Lady Panthers!

Lexi Ramsey burning up the track in the 4×200 meter. Allen Hamrick photo.